About My Bits


I create unique one-of-a-kind mobiles from beach “bits” like driftwood, seashells, beach stones, and other ocean items gathered myself from the beautiful shores of Vancouver Island.

I also rescue thrift store treasures like glass and ceramic figurines, jewelry, beads and pottery and give them new life and purpose.

I personally select each and every bit based purely on its appeal and whether it speaks to me.

Deb’s Dangly Bits are 100% home crafted from materials gathered locally. They are the opposite of the digitally designed, mass produced, plastic-heavy home decor usually found in big box stores, for about the same price.

What’s more, they help the environment by rescuing items that are one step away from the landfill.

Putting the right bits together to create a Dangly Bit mobile is pure joy for me. Each one is personally handcrafted by myself, and no two are alike. They’re fun, thrifty, eco-friendly, and a little different…just like me!